Our Story

Founded in 1995 by Cecelia Haddad, Marketing Elements has successfully worked with a range of individuals and companies in a public relations capacity.  Our experience has extended across a range of industries including private, public and not-for-profit sectors, education, building, environment, film industry and extensive FMCG and B2B companies and brands. With an approach that encompasses long-term vision and strategy and an inherent consideration of the bottom line, our client campaigns have delivered real and tangible results.

The media landscape has changed and over the years, Marketing Elements has evolved, in addition launching Media Elements, a specialised agency focused on reputation management, media training, crisis communications and media management for individuals and companies who have found themselves in the media and public spotlight.

For myriad positive reasons, companies and individuals can find themselves attracting wanted (and sometimes unwanted) media and public attention.  Being interview ready can ensure your news is on message and you have the ability to manage your way through the media spotlight.

But it is not just about good news stories.  Every business at one time or another will experience a crisis.  The impact crisis has on your business and reputation depends on a number of factors and one of the most mitigating factors is how an individual or company communicates during a crisis.

Money can’t buy (or fix) a damaged reputation when things go wrong.  A poor or ill-prepared response can do further damage to what is already a crisis situation.  However, if communication is handled in the right way, the damage from a crisis can be minimised.

Marketing Elements / Media Elements offers extensive Training (DIY) and Services (DIFM) to assist individuals and companies in preparing and managing a crisis to minimise fallout.  Click here to see the range of training and services we offer.