Being prepared for an interview or a crisis can be the difference between a positive outcome, or in some cases, a train wreck.

Cecelia can help you navigate the media spotlight and give you the confidence you need to handle a media interview like an expert and plan ahead in case of a crisis.

Media Skills Training

Preparation is king when it comes to media interviews.  Media training will help you develop your key messages and news grabs and deliver them in a convincing and credible way. The combination of theory and practical sessions will give you the skills you need to face the spotlight with confidence.

Crisis Communications

How well prepared you are to manage an issue or crisis can result in a minor disruption or a major disaster which impacts on your reputation and the reputation of your organisation. There is no time to plan your communication when a crisis strikes, and a swift and effective response is the only way to minimise the damage.  Crisis communications planning can help give you the head start you need when faced with a crisis.

Marketing Elements, Sydney

Our experience in Sydney has extended across a range of industries including private, public and not-for-profit sectors, education, building, environment, film industry and extensive FMCG and B2B companies and brands. Based in Sydney, we work with locals on crisis communcations and media skills training.