Media Skills Training

The importance of individuals and organisations being ready to front the media, and the public and make a great impression every time, is important than ever. Here’s how Marketing Eements can help:

Media Skills Training

Media skills training can help you understand how media works, how to respond and how to face interviews with confidence.

A poorly executed interview on television, radio or in print can do considerable and sometimes irreparable damage to an individual or organisation. A successful interview, however, will reinforce an individual’s or company’s good standing with the public and potentially create new opportunities.

Whether its wanted or unwanted media attention, preparation is king. Being interview-ready will help you navigate the spotlight and if needed, minimise the damage from a crisis situation.

Introductory, Advanced, Refresher or Crisis, media interview skills training will be personally tailored to your experience, skill, and needs. The training will be designed around your own level of experience, so you get the most from each session. Crisis media interview skills training focuses on how to manage media attention during a crisis to minimise reputational damage to an individual or organisation. Media skills training combines theory and practical sessions to give you greater confidence to navigate your way through every type of interview. Remote media skills interview training is also available via TEAMS or Zoom.

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